Downtown Asbury is one of the most unique, eclectic spots on the East Coast– a destination for people day and night, seven days a week. Independent local retailers make it a magnet for shoppers, while cultural venues abound, as do restaurants, wine bars, pubs and of course the beach. It also offers great opportunities for recreation; everything from biking the boardwalk to beachcombing on the Atlantic shore – both just outside your door. Asbury Park is home to leaders in design, energy, and hospitality sectors. The area also is a production center for everything from major films and music to specialty foods, wines and microbrews. In addition, Asbury has world-class cultural amenities: theater, museums, art galleries and film festivals, plus a thriving music scene with a rich history that draws local and international rock, jazz and blues musicians and millions of tourists and music lovers alike. Nearby higher education institutions such as Monmouth University and Rutgers University continue to grow and attract talent from around the country. Compared with other cities in New Jersey, Asbury Park maintains relatively low costs for such prime real estate, making it the best place to be for work and play.