Monmouth Beach small coastal beach town known for its large Victorian houses, excellent school and upscale living. It is one square mile, with the ocean to the east and the Shrewsbury River to the northwest, making most homes within walking distance to the beach. What makes Monmouth Beach particularly attractive to NYC residents is the ability to commute to work and return to the their "beach house" in the evening via the fast ferry in under an hour each way.The small, quaint downtown is the hub of the community, along with the public Monmouth Beach Bathing Pavilion beach club and private Monmouth Beach Bath and Tennis Club. These are beautiful, spacious beach clubs equipped with pool and beach access. They have lockers, activities, swim teams, and more. Many locals attend these beach clubs, as well as people from out of town. Monmouth Beach offers fishing, as well as surf-able waves. The Shrewsbury River, which borders the borough, offers sailing, kayaking, and fishing. Places to go within the area are Pier Village in Long Branch, Red Bank, and the numerous beaches all along the shore towns to the north and south.